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                bridge bearings
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                bridge bearings

                Bridge expansion joints

                Bridge expansion joint is designed to meet the requirements of the deck deformation, usually between two ends of the beam, or set the position articulated joints on the bridge between the beam and the end abutment. Requires expansion joints in parallel, perpendicular to the axis of the bridge in both directions, can freely scalable, secure and reliable vehicle should be smooth too, no sudden jump and noise; to be able to prevent the infiltration of rainwater and garbage soil obstruction; installation, inspection, maintenance , to be simple and easy to eliminate dirt.
                Specifications: expansion joints in accordance with performance and installation methods can be divided into: GQF-C type, GQF-Z type, GQF-L type, GQF-F type.
                Features: 1) Rubber flexible, easy to paste, but also to meet the requirements of the deformation and with waterproof function;
                          Simple 2) structure, easy installation, with significant reliability, comfort and durability. Convenient to replace the old telescopic device, and when the choice for Newbridge.
                          Good 3) waterproof, shock absorption, reasonable force on the beam end clearance construction error is not sensitive, long life, automatically clean up garbage inside seam, less maintenance, and low cost.
                Applications: Suitable for highway and bridge engineering urban trunk deck embeded docking telescopic device installation works.
                Executive Standard: JT / T327-2004 "highway bridge expansion"

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