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                bridge bearings
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                bridge bearings

                Bridge bearings

                Bridge abutment connection is an important structural element superstructure and substructure of the bridge. It will bridge superstructure reaction force and deformation (displacements and rotations) reliable delivery to the bridge substructure, so that the actual stress situation with the theoretical calculation formula consistent with the structure of FIG.
                Product specifications: rectangular laminated rubber bearing (GJZ), circular laminated rubber bearing (GYZ), rectangular rubber PTFE slide bearings (GJZF4), circular PTFE slide rubber bearings (GYZF4)
                Features: 1) fixed to the upper structure of the pier, to withstand various forces in the upper structure, and it surely pass pier;
                2) under load, temperature, concrete creep and shrinkage effects, able to adapt to the corner bearing and displacement of the upper structure, the upper structure can be freely deformed without generating additional additional internal forces.
                3) have sufficient vertical stiffness to meet the large vertical loads, and has good flexibility to adapt to the beam end rotation. Also it has a large shear deformation to meet the horizontal displacement of the upper structure; earthquake can produce a good effect, can reduce the impact of the role of dynamic load of the upper structure and pier.
                Applications: Suitable for highway and bridge engineering urban roads.
                Executive Standard: JT / T4-2004 "highway bridge laminated rubber bearing"

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