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                Injection Products
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                Injection Products

                E-type lock, T-type embedded parts

                product description:
                E-type, T-type concrete embedded parts are in relation to the concrete and impermeable membrane connected seepage project, in order to connect the membrane and concrete developed. E-type, T-type concrete embedded parts are extruded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strip products, the cross section for the E-shaped or T-shaped, adapted to firmly anchored in concrete.
                E-type lock, 100 × 40 × 5mm; T-type lock, 135 × 35 × 3mm
                • seepage performance
                • Excellent chemical resistance
                • excellent resistance to biological corrosion
                • strong UV stability
                • environmental protection, sanitation (such as solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, power plants regulation pool, industrial, hospital solid waste treatment plant slope)
                • WATER (reservoirs dam seepage, reinforcement, vertical heart wall, slope protection)
                • Municipal Engineering (subway, underground engineering buildings, sewers lining)
                • Garden (artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs, golf course pond slope)
                • Petrochemical (tank seepage, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining chemical plants, oil refineries, gas stations)
                • mining (washing pools, heap leaching pool, the ash field, dissolving tanks, sedimentation tanks, tailings seepage slope)
                • transport infrastructure (road base reinforcement, subway, culverts impermeable)
                Installation instructions:
                In the installation position E or T-type locking recess period reserved for pouring concrete, to be the construction of seepage control E or T-lock embedded in the groove, and pouring concrete forming again, that is fixed to the lock building surface. Laying HDPE geomembrane extrusion welding the E-type or T-lock connection.