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                Geotextile bagged
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                Geotextile bagged

                Buckle connection ecological bags

                Ø eco bags are an important part of the flexible ecological slope engineering systems, eco bags with a filtering targeted permeable impermeable soil, both to prevent the filler (a mixture of soil and nutrients) loss, but also to achieve the moisture in the soil the normal exchange, the water required for plant growth has been effectively maintained and timely complement of plants are very friendly, the plant through the bag free growth. Engineering foundation soil into the roots, as many roots firmly anchor role once again finished the bag and subjects, the longer the increasingly strong, and further to achieve a purpose-built permanent slope stability, greatly reducing maintenance costs .
                Ø eco-bags have excellent physical and chemical properties, as the newest member of slope material has the following universal environmental advantages:
                Ø resistance to moisture
                Ø resistance to chemical corrosion
                Ø Anti-biodegradable and animal damage
                Ø high temperature low temperature
                Ø UV
                Ø Application:
                Ø ecological restoration
                Ø 1. rivers: the coexistence of humans and wildlife shore with natural environment
                Ø 2. Mine Complex Green: comprehensive utilization of mine waste rock, science remediation settlement area, green hills, clean water, gas, mining and create ecological restoration, re-green barren era.
                Ø 3. Hai lake shore, landslide control surface, culvert mouth, drains, soil erosion, irrigation systems.
                Ø 4. Wetland: ecological restoration
                Ø 5. green roof outside
                Ø Infrastructure
                Ø 1. road slope: rail, road slope, suitable for cut slope and fill slope.
                Ø 2. lakes Slope: for rivers, lakes, reservoirs slope.
                Ø 3. Special applications: military installations and emergency flood control, bunker, levees and so on.
                Ø landscaping and residential
                Ø 1. Vertical greening, garden art;
                Ø 2. commercial and residential district;
                Ø 3. roof garden greening.
                Ø :( plane size range can be customized according to the design and engineering required)
                Ø fabric weight range: broader, common with 100g, 125g, 150g, etc.
                Ø Example: diameter specifications for 810mm * 430mm bag, put the soil after about specifications length 65cm, width 30cm, height 15cm (eco bags specifications and the soils after forming specifications, according to the actual requirements of the design maximum allowable deviation of 2. %)

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