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                Drainage material
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                Drainage material

                Three-dimensional plastic composite anti-drain

                Waterproofing and drainage board is a three-dimensional plastic HDPE / EVA / EPS as the main raw material, using a special extrusion presses a closed cylindrical projections, conical half shell to form a film having a three-dimensional space and a continuous shell must support stiffness, and the liquid and gas can flow sheet of excretion therein. In the civil construction field it can be widely used in the overhead layer of roofing system, planted roof drainage ventilation, drainage protection building basement waterproofing system, interior floor insulation moisture protection, road and rail tunnel drainage protection. In urban land, space, material resources increasingly valuable today, plastic drainage board to provide the most valuable option.
                Specifications: plate thickness of 0.8 to 2.0 mm, the boss height is generally 8 cm ~ 20 cm, width of the product 2 ~ 2.5m, sheet materials are HDPE, EVA, etc., the length according to user requirements.
                Features: 1) is a versatile material, the use of easily construct the overhead layer formed drainage, exhaust passage, to noise, vibration isolation function.
                2) durable; resistant to chemical corrosion, puncture plant roots;
                3) application of functional diversification; installation process is simple, easy to guarantee quality.
                Applications: road, rail tunnel waterproofing system, underground water system, green roof planted on the building basement, roof garden and other construction waterproofing and drainage works.