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                Drainage material
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                Drainage material

                HXHP composite drainage network

                HXHP composite drainage network floor with high impact resistance and high compressive strength polystyrene (HIPS) is made resistant to long-term high pressure, no deformation. This long-term resistance to compression not only be able to withstand the weight of its load of concrete floor, during the construction, and can withstand the inevitable external pressure and impact, such as vehicles, trampling workers and pouring of concrete in red, etc. long-term bottom is not deformed, thus maintaining the original displacement. use of geotextile filter layer on the floor It is to ensure that the drainage channel is not blocked by foreign objects, such as concrete or soil particles added back.
                typical application: 
                HXHP composite drainage network in terms of drainage features, economic benefits than the traditional stone drainage and other ceramic filter layer superior and reliable. Widely used in retaining walls, basements, tunnels, highway slope protection and roadbed.
                Composite anti-drain (aka composite waterproof board, composite drainage board, three-dimensional geotechnical drainage board, three-dimensional composite waterproofing and drainage board, tunnel drainage water board) is a set of drainage and waterproofing in one of the new anti-drainage material with high porosity and high compressive strength. Three-dimensional geonet core, composite drainage geotextile side, the other side of a complex two-stage film is made with a "filtration - drainage - ventilation - watertight - protection" function.
                Usage: mainly used for highways, tunnels, subways, ports, landfills, roof gardens, sports grounds drainage.