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                Drainage material
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                Drainage material

                Composite drainage network

                Three-dimensional composite drainage network is made of a unique three-dimensional network geotextile geotextile double-sided adhesive. Combination of geotextiles (filtration effect) and geonet (drainage and protection) offers a complete "filtration ---- ----- drainage protection" effect.
                Three-dimensional composite drainage network core network unique three-dimensional structure, the whole process that can withstand higher compressive load, and can keep a considerable thickness, providing a good hydraulic conductivity.
                Landfill drainage; highway roadbed and road drainage; railway drainage; drainage tunnel; underground structure drainage, retaining wall rear drainage; garden and playground drainage.
                Three-dimensional composite drainage network characteristics:
                ● drainage capacity, able to withstand long-term high-voltage load
                ● high tensile strength and shear strength of pit
                ● reduce the geotextile embedded network core chance to protect long-term stability of the water conductivity
                ● three-dimensional composite drainage network can withstand the compressive load of greater than 2000kpa
                ● much larger than ordinary drainage network compression capability