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                 Pursuit of the mission:
                China's environmental protection industry to establish brand in the world, will improve human working and living environment quality and human harmony with the environment all contribute forces
                Customer satisfaction: The expert service for our customers to tailor comprehensive solutions to environmental problems
                Employee Satisfaction: to contribute to the enterprise employees to benefit, the stage and in the future.
                Partner Satisfaction: to create the most value as a strategic partner, symbiotic win-win, harmonious development.
                Social satisfaction: provide the community with a serious and responsible environmental management services, credit management, for the government to solve problems.
                Corporate purposes:
                Environmental, endless.
                Core philosophy:
                Core values: a strict, efficient, justice, harmony
                The spirit of enterprise: the endless, create first-class
                Vision: Build a dream home · Environmental · China Dream Dream, create environmental benefits, innovation and environmental protection
                Professional Ethics: integrity diligence, loyalty and dedication
                Strategic Concept:
                Strategic objectives: building competitive market environmental technology engineering high-tech enterprises
                The central task: strengthen the main industry, the transformation and upgrading, deepen reform, improve the mechanism, strengthen management, improve quality, optimize assets, prevent risks and strengthen management, to create a harmonious
                Management philosophy:
                Safety philosophy: safety first highest life
                Talent concept: everyone can be taught all Stage
                Concept of responsibility: responsibility of carrots and sticks, etc.
                Clean concept: clean and honest practitioners work
                Innovative concept: the pursuit of excellence and innovative daily
                Legal concept: for law abiding practitioners
                Thanksgiving idea: Gratitude gratitude in the heart of the line
                Technology concepts: continuous innovation to lead the industry
                Brand concept: shared global green technology
                Communication language:
                Green Technology Global Sharing