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                Company profile
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                Company profile

                  Beijing ZhongRui environmental technology engineering company headquartered in Beijing Xicheng District, the company over the years to geosynthetics, filter materials, composite materials, building waterproof materials research and development, production, application and is the largest and most complete variety of geosynthetics materials production enterprises.
                      ZhongRui environmental technology engineering company occupies 200,000 square meters, fixed assets of 150 million yuan, with various senior technical staff of more than 300, a number of production lines, with more than 100 professional construction team, set the development, production, service as one to provide total solutions of the modern scientific and technological innovation enterprises. We do: not the best product we do not sell, we are not the first place in the Swiss construction is not available.
                      Sino-Swedish environmental protection have seepage, waste water, waste gas, solid waste, tailings disposal, pollution remediation engineering contractor qualifications and special impermeable contractor qualifications, the company's main business involves mine seepage water conservancy, road and railway lake seepage, ecology green engineering, green engineering seepage construction, repair of heavy metals in soil, saline control, to improve industrial waste, solid waste treatment, sewage treatment and other areas of environmental impact assessment; provide site investigation, risk assessment, program design, repair work, including post-assessment to clients etc., the whole industry chain integrated solutions.
                The Swiss company depending on the quality of life for enterprises, the main equipment from Germany, Italy, Canada, France and the introduction of domestic well-known enterprises, the company created the last few years include a doctorate or master's, bachelor's R & D and management elite team, with Tsinghua University Donghua, Hehai University and other institutions of higher learning and more than 10 iron ASTRI, IWHR extensive cooperation, has a provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial geotechnical materials testing center, with more than 100 patents, the development of new functional products 30 multiple, formed a railway, highway traffic engineering, greening and environmental protection projects, water projects, ecological restoration projects, petrochemical, coal chemical engineering seepage, atmospheric haze governance, sponges city, underground pipe gallery, mountain slope protection works more than 50 overall system solutions.
                      China has won the high-tech industry pioneer enterprises, state-level "Credible" enterprise, "National Excellent Water Enterprise" National Honor credit rating AAA credit enterprises, "quality and conformity assessment customer satisfaction top brand," National peer companies in the first through "ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification" "ISO14001 environmental management system certification," "national industrial production permit," "European CE certification", "iron CRCC product certification", "occupational health and safety management system certification" "environmental Engineering three qualities" "construction of special anti-seepage engineering qualifications" "CCPC certification" "CQC certification", "national environmental certification mark" "safe production license", enjoys high popularity and reputation, to build a world level of innovation, research and development, design, production, application of high-quality resources docking platform.
                       As of 2015, tens of thousands of completed railways, roads, tailings, landfills, sewage seepage, slope protection, reinforcement, dust control and other projects, the participation of many national key projects, including water diversion project, the Bird's Nest Olympic project, the Summer Palace engineering, Mentougou landfill, Zijin Mining tailings disposal, the Beijing-Shanghai railway, Shenzhen Metro, the Shenyang-Dalian, Liyang Pumped storage power station, etc., and has become the backbone of the new materials industry. Meanwhile Edison products, and services have been exported to the US, Germany, Britain, Russia, Australia, Pakistan and other more than twenty countries and regions.
                       ZhongRui Environmental Protection aims to achieve: the Government has the responsibility for the well-being of the people's livelihood, the development of employees! The spirit of "win-win cooperation" business philosophy, invites the public, create in the Swiss dream, dream environment, Chinese dream.